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Welcome to my Family Tree Project. For nearly thirty years I have collected information, photographs, videos, movie film, news paper articles and documents about family members. This is not by far a one person project. Many family members have contributed physical and mental information,  the majority of which was just clues that helped us build the every growing puzzle that is our heritage. Those thousands of clues are sorted through by our family tree team. My father, Wayne Coates Sr, my son Kevin Bohn,  other relatives, Donna Warner Ichniowski, Adam Baker, Linda Jancsura, Nina Gauthier Gee, Robbie Kronmuller, Thomas Fountain and a long list of others who have their own Family Tree Projects that work hard and are willing to share their facts.

I would love to have had the insight to sit down with my grandparents and gather their memories to answer the many questions that I struggle with everyday about my ancestors. One very important piece of information they did share with me was their DNA. We are heavily involved with Autosomal DNA and have databases on FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry.com and gedmatch.com. Testing cost about $100 but the results are amazing. The more family members that submit their DNA the more the facts come together. I will admit, it looks confusing at first, but I have become rather good at putting it all together. If you are interested in testing, feel free to contact me if you need assistance. I cannot think of a better gift you can leave your descendants than the results of your Autosomal DNA.

I welcome your assistance with building the family tree, in the weeks to come I will be adding more links to make it a lot easier to share media and information.

Wayne N Coates Jr.



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