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What's Missing?

February 15, 2015 13:16 - Needed Information - Wayne Coates Jr


As you browse through the information, you will most likely see that I am missing information, perhaps a date of birth, death or marriage. Perhaps I am missing someone's maiden name. Please don't be shy, if you don't see information that you know to be true or even if you believe it could be true, drop me a line.

If you have old pictures, email them to me. If there is writing on the back, scan that too and send me that. We have found a bunch more information from the backs of photos then we do from the fronts.



Wayne Jr


Eleanor G Wood

February 15, 2015 11:22 - Family Mysteries - Wayne Coates Jr

My great grandmother Eleanor G Wood was born on Sept 12, 1881 in Pennsylvania and Died on May 31, 1963. She married Benjamin Franklyn Coates in Feburary 1905 and on August 5, 1905 gave birth to her first child Walter M Coates, her 2nd child Emma Stead Coates was born on December 2, 1906 but died as a infant on April 27, 1907. Her third child was born on October 12, 1913 William Henry Coates.

Her forth child was born on November 8, 1916 Eleanor Sanders. Eleanor's father was William Peter Sanders. There is no evidence that Eleanor G Wood divorced Benjamin Franklyn Coates, nor any fact that she ever married William Peter Sanders. Eleanor and William had 2 more sons, Henry W Sanders and Joseph R Sanders. Eleanor Died using the last name of Sanders.

We have a the baptism record of my Grandfather Walter M Coates on Mar 25, 1906 that shows that the god mother or witness was Emma C Wood-McGarvey who was married Nathaniel W McGarvey and the daugher of Willaim H Wood and Emma S Thomas. Emma was born on Sept 30 1860. That makes are 21 year older than Eleanor.

We have no documented proof who Eleanor G Wood's parents are, how she was related to Emma C Wood and because of no cencus data until she was married to Benjamin, we are at a lost. We just obtained her death certificate which had parents unknown. On the family tree, I have her inserted as EMMA C WOODS sister, only to connect them somehow, if you have any information or clues that could help, please comment.

Wayne Jr


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