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I was in no way the model student, in fact I hated school. When I could figure out a reason to cut class or school, I took it. I even took it when I had no reason. Looking back, if I knew what I know today, I would of changed a lot about my life then. If I had a computer back then, what totally different world would I have had.

During the 70's when Citizen Band Radio ruled the road, I spent many hours modifing radios with extra channels and peaking them to higher outputs. I was known by the handle of "The Pennsauken Pres", which came from the fact that I was President of the Explorer Post. What started as a hobby developed as a business when Rick Boyle of Boyle's Towing recruited me as the Tech guy and we starting charging for mods and installs. Later I would work with John Seeley with a company we called SelCoa Communications and then with Ken Davis with Ken-Way Communications.

In my Childhood years I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and during High School I became an Explorer Scout. The Explorer Post was sponsored by the Pennsauken Civil Defense / Emergency Management and was designed to explore the fields of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, EMS and Emergency Communications. Eventually I became a member of Pennsauken Emergency Management and served as the Deputy Municipal Coordinator in charge of Communications and the Emergency Operations Center. Many of the other Members of the Explorer Post went on to serve in Public Safety, such as Steve Forrest, Mike Nocella, Larry Lippincot and many others.

During High School I worked at the 7-11 on the corner of Hillcrest and Westfield Avenue in Pennsauken, and at the Cherry Hill Grill (The pit at the mall). After High School I worked at Tyco Industries (The HO Train People) in Moorestown, NJ. In August of 1979 I was hired as a Police Dispatcher of the Borough of Merchantville and at the same time I joined the Merchantville Reverse Police. The Reverse Police Unit was disbanded within 2 months, and recreated by Chief Gary Cline as the Special Police Unit, in which I became a part of. In June of 1980 I resigned as dispatcher in Merchantville, and went to work at the Pennsauken Police Department as a Communications Operator. I remained as a Member of the Merchantville Special Police Unit and eventually was promoted to Lieutenant and Officer-in-Charge. I left both Pennsauken and Merchantville in April of 1989.

In April of 1989 I was hired by the Borough of Clementon as a Police Officer and attended Camden County College. I attended the Camden County Fire Academy and got my Certification as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). During my Law Enforcement career, computers were still a very big part of my life. I took on the Nickname "DataCop".

In 1997 I founded Guco Internet Services and starting creating and hosting web sites. Over the years I created and/or hosted sites for Clementon.com, Pinehillnj.com, Pine Hill Fire Department, Pine Hill Youth Association, Hoey Real Estate, Eastampton Police Department, Pine Hill Republican Club, Cape Coral Boat Rentals, Fishing Southwest Florida, Boatwiser.com, Cape Coral Marine, and a long list of others.

In 2002 I left the Clementon Police Department and New Jersey. I moved to Cape Coral, Florida and built a house, where I still live today. I moved Guco Internet Services to Florida as well. I worked for Dollar Tree for a few a months and then worked for RC Marine as Manager, until they went out business in April of 2004. I started working for Land 'N' Sea Distributors a Division of Brunswick Boats, delivering parts and supplies to Naples and Marco Island, Florida.

Although Guco was active, and holding it's own, I was not very active with it, for first 9 years in Florida. In 2011 I founded Fishing Southwest Florida and in 2012 Boatwiser.com. Both of which are productive, and Guco has become more active.